The dean office

Razumniy Roman Valerievich

The Dean, Doctor of Medicine, Professor

Korpusenko Igor Vasylovych

The first vice-dean for young years – Doctor of science


Ustymenko Yurii Serhiiovych

PhD, Lecturer.

Responsible for the 2nd year students in «Medicine»

Khomyak Elena Valerievna,

associate professor, PhD. Responsible for educatees of 1-5 year specialty "dentistry" and 3 course "medicine"

Pimakhov Volodymyr Vasylovych,

associate professor, PhD. Responsible for educatees of 4th, 5th and 6th years in "medicine"

Kramareva Julia Sergeevna,

associate professor, PhD. Responsible for the procedure of the recognition of high school sertificate


Sikarova Olena Heorhiivna

is responsible for pupils of 1st years of education in "medicine"

Dotsenko Iryna Kostyantynivna

responsible for the 1st year of education in course "medicine"

Stupnikova Tetiana Ivanivna

is responsible for sholars of 2nd year in the course of "medicine"

Moskalets Olena Anatoliivna

works with undergraduates of year 4 and 5 in "medicine" course

Fitingof Inna Yevgenievna

services students of 6 year in "medicine" course

Yanhol Nataliia

services students of Year 3 in the "General medicine" course

Antoniuk Nataliia

services students of the 2nd year in «Medicine»