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Dear Students! The quarantine period is prolonged till 22.06.2020!

Graduation 2020.MOV

Dear graduates!

Today you have completed Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy and received a diploma of a Doctor of Medicine.

In this important and happy day from the bottom of my heart I want to congratulate our students with a successful graduation from our Academy.

My Dear friends, wish you productive work, creative inspiration and inexhaustible energy for realization your cherished desires!

And from now on you are the only person, responsible for the future of this profession, the profession of a doctor, the occupational prestige and worldwide recognition of our work.

On behalf of the team of the 2nd International Facultywith due respect prof. R.V. Razumnyi


The results of "KROK 2" General Medicine

from 10 June 2020

Quarantine prolong.pdf

The quarantine is prolonged until May 11

(Update: until June 22!)

Our medical academy has created the necessary conditions for remote education, organization of life, provision of disinfectants in educational buildings and hostels.

So, we remain for the period of quarantine in self-isolation in places of residence, we do not leave without necessity premises, we use individual means of protection, we calm and support our parents.

rectors letter.pdf

Rector's open letter to international citizens - students, clinical ordinators and listeners of premedical course

reasons for expulsion.pdf

Dear students!

We understand all the difficulties and challenges of the actual confinement you have faced up.

We are pleased that the most of our students take part in distance learning successfully.

However, we need to remind to some students the reasons for expulsion from the Academy in order to prevent it in all possible ways.

We are ready to do our best to support and help our students in confinement. But you should be diligent in your studies and remain a good example for everyone who stays with you.

How to protect yourself against COVID-19

quarantine rules.pdf

New quarantine safety rules in Ukraine

distance learning.pdf



Attention! a three-week quarantine is introduced in Ukraine for all educational institutions


Attention!!! The outbreak of diphteria. What should you know?


Krok 2. Medicine.7z

Q-Bank for Krok.2. Medicine

Registration to sit in second session of IFOM Clinical Science in 2018 edited


The Freshman ceremony for the international students (1)

The Freshman ceremony for the internstional students

Video report of the Initiation Ceremony for the first-year foreign students

To the attention of applicants!

ATTENTION!!! The exclusive official site of State Institution “Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine” is

The academy does not have responsibility for information provided on behalf of SI “DMA” on the other websites.

Please, pay the special attention that the payment for training is carried out according to the contract through bank after admitting to the academy with the obligatory indication in payment:

"code of payment * ________; payment for training without VAT, of the student (name, surname) according to the contract №_____”.

Graduation 2020.MOV